A Black Pebble Called Mauritius

Author: Syrmo Kapoutsi

Illustrator: Iris Samartzi

Language: Greek 

Series: Colourful kites

Format: 14X21

Pages: 40

Cover: Soft

ISBN: 978-960-6638-59-6

On the white beach of the beautiful island, Mauritius stands out like a fly in milk. "Why, my God, shouldn't I be like everyone else?" he complains every time his other pebbles break his heart with their ironic comments. But when he is touched by two magical children's hands, as if something is changing... His honeyed princess, the professor and a fantastic journey will teach him that difference does not mean misfortune, on the contrary, it can become the greatest blessing in life. As long as our heart is ready to accept it!

23.00 AUD