Author: Syrmo Kapoutsi

Illustrator: Nestor Xouris

Language: Greek 

Format: 24X32

Pages: 48

Cover: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-960-6638-42-8

The wonderful narration of Syrmo Kapoutsi and the vivid illustrations of Nestor Xouris give life to four beloved heroes of Greek mythology in breathtaking adventures: The hero Perseus and his confrontation with the terrible Medusa, who has snakes instead of hair. Bellerophon with his winged horse, his beloved Pegasus. The brave Atalante, who competes in courage with the most famous male heroes of Greek mythology. The inventive Daedalus, the first who managed to give wings to man, and his brainless son, who perished trying to reach the gods. 

35.00 AUD